Osama bin Laden Tapes Reveal Media Obsession

The Pentagon released clips Saturday of the al-Qaeda leader watching himself on television, rehearsing for terrorist videos.

Video clips of Osama bin Laden released Saturday by the Pentagon portray a man obsessed with the media and his role in it.

One of the videos shows the al-Qaeda leader sitting on the floor with a remote control in his hand while watching TV news footage of himself.

Another clip captures bin Laden rehearsing what he's going to say on one of his propaganda videos. In that video, bin Laden's beard is trimmed and dyed to a dark shade; in the TV-watching video, he has a scraggily long grey beard.

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The videos were part of the materials seized during the Navy SEAL raid on bin Laden's Pakastani compound and are believed to have been released to futher confirm the terrorist's death.

CIA director Leon Panetta said in a written statement after the release of the new material, "The material found in the compound only further confirms how important it was to go after bin Laden. Since [Sept. 11], this is what the American people have expected of us. In this critical operation, we delivered."