Oscars: How Isla Fisher Snuck In Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G Costume

Isla Fisher opened up about sneaking Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G costume into the Oscars during Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Sweetie, will you fit giant yellow glasses, a hat, a glove and a beard inside your Spanx?" her husband had asked her ahead of his controversial appearance.

Fisher told Jimmy Kimmel that the two then had to lock themselves in the bathroom for 45 minutes to properly glue on the beard, and she shared video of her doing so. "I've never put a beard on before!"

In the meantime, she told people the comedian had food poisoning, and she forced herself to take medication that was brought for him by the award show's crew. It was a stressful situation for the admittedly "goody two-shoes" Fisher  toward the end, Jennifer Garner had been asking to use the bathroom  so afterward, Fisher headed straight for the bar.

"Am I never invited again?" she asked. However, she joked of a loophole: "Unless I pretend to be Amy Adams."

Watch the video below.