Oscars: Jimmy Fallon Debates the Pros and Cons of Watching the Ceremony

Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show - H 2016
Courtesy of NBC

Ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards, Jimmy Fallon outlined the pros and cons of watching the film-lauding awards ceremony.

"It's two hours of excitement, glamour and suspense ... followed by another three hours," joked Fallon, alluding to the show's red-carpet festivities.

In the segment, Fallon noted that the show will feature The Rock and Kevin Hart presenting together, "which is another way of seeing The Big Short."

And if a winner shouts, "I feel like a million bucks!" Kanye West might ask that winner for a loan.

Altogether, yes, it's black tie only, but also "it's white guy only."

And "the winner for best actor is you for pretending you've seen any of this year's nominated films."

Watch the video below.