'Outlander' Debuts Midseason Trailer, Cast Discusses Spanking and Season 2

Outlander Claire Randall Jamie Fraser Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Starz

Outlander Claire Randall Jamie Fraser Still - H 2015

Outlander made quite an impression for Starz when it aired its first eight episodes in 2014. An adaption of Diana Gabaldon's book series of the same name, the time-travel romance fetched more than 5 million viewers a week.

In anticipation of the April 4 return, Starz brought out Gabaldon, showrunner Ronald Moore and stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan to the Television Critics Association press tour to unveil a new trailer (watch below) and talk about where the series is headed.

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One place it will definitely go is to a scene described in the first book, where Claire (Balfe) is spanked by husband Jamie (Heughan), which one reporter suggested fans are awaiting with great expectation.

"You have to look at it in the mind frame of 1743," Balfe said of the Outlander scene. "We wanted to not take it lightly. We choreographed it quite well. When it came to the day, we just tried to give it the respect it deserved. For Claire, she finds it difficult to believe, this man she's in love with, what he's about to do."

As for the series moving forward, the Paris location of the second book (which is being adapted with the already-ordered second season) will not change the Scotland filming location. "I think it's so vital that we are there in Scotland," added Balfe. "It informs everything we do."

And because no discussion about a romance novel turned sex-fueled TV series is complete without a little awkwardness, Gabaldon was asked if she's able to keep the actors separated from the characters she's been writing for decades.

"Caitriona and Claire I've always been able to keep pretty separate," she said, before turning to Heughan. "He kind of flickers in and out of me..."

Blushing ensued.