PaleyFest: 'Revenge' Panel Teases Time Shifts, Entire Episode in Flashback

The soapy ABC hit's producers and cast reveal its big plans to move the series forward months, and back years, then decades at the annual TV festival.
Kevin Parry/ PaleyFest

The producers and cast of ABC's Revenge definitely sensed a big difference between Sunday’s event during PaleyFest 2012 and its Paley Center event last year.

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“Are you kidding? It’s unbelievable,” Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “As we pulled up, I was asking the driver, ‘Oh, who’s playing, what rock show is playing?’ And he was like, ‘No, that’s for you guys.’ I thought he was kidding. I couldn’t see the end of the line, it wrapped all the way around the end of the block.”

And, of course, it was well worth the wait. The crowd was served up an extended preview of the next episode and a lot of fun behind the scenes anecdotes, and spoilers of what’s to come.

As for the show’s April return, it picks up pretty soon after Daniel (Josh Bowman) is arrested, Jack (Nick Wechsler) may become a suspect, and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) does something pretty outrageous that will cause some strife in her relationship with Daniel. But, then creator Mike Kelley says that Episode 18 jumps ahead several months to mid-December.

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“We will have already wrapped up the prosecution’s case,” Kelley explains. “We’re going to wrap that up in the first couple minutes really of Episode 18 and then we’ll jump to the defense of Daniel Grayson’s. We’ll answer those questions and the trial is done by Episode 19. We take care of this in short order.”

Then, the series has another huge time shift planned, but this time to the past. An entire episode will take place in 2002 with flashbacks to 1990 that will answer a lot of questions.

1. It’ll go back to the party captured in Lydia’s (Amber Valletta) photo where Emily (Emily VanCamp) was a waitress. At the time, she’s still sorting through how she feels about her father and we’ll meet several more conspirators behind framing him.

2. It’ll explore Victoria and David Clarke's (James Tupper) romance.

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3. It’ll show how David helped Nolan’s business get off the ground just before being arrested and how they formed such a close relationship.

As for the last two episodes of the season, Kelley says new stories will begin and a big cliffhanger will end the season. In Season 2 (which Kelley says he's hopeful for, but it isn't guaranteed), Emily will have an expanded list of conspirators and there’s a plan to explain her mother’s disappearance.

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