'Pan Am': What the Viewers Are Saying

"Loving it already," says one, while another gripes that it "feels like it's created by executives who wish women still had to be weighed for their jobs."

Christina Ricci made her series debut Sunday night in ABC's Pan Am, a '60s-set series centered around the boom in jet travel and the flight attendants experiencing it.

There also is a bit of international intrigue, with one of the stewardesses also doubling as an spy for the CIA. Mike Vogel, Kelli Garner and Margot Robbie co-star in the series.

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Viewers got their first look at the show in its series premiere, and many hit Twitter afterward to give their opinions, which were decidedly mixed.

Among their tweets:

Matt Amodio
I didn't think I'd like Pan Am, but for now, I'm on board (yay, puns). But what's Christina Ricci doing? She's barely even in it.

STORY: 'Pan Am:' What the Critics Are Saying

Ebru Evermore
Pan am! Loving it already! Ah their costume dept on set is prolly epic! *-*

Stefan Hayden
I like how Pan Am was not trying to be madmen. And also nice to see a period show with a large female cast.

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I really like Pan Am. I will be watching it next week.

Pan Am...so into it.

Dan Owen
Pan Am was ok, has potential. Now on to watching the new Boardwalk Empire.

I have no idea what pan am is about and I watched the whole thing.

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Fifi LaRue
I am giving PAN AM a maybe. Have to watch a couple more episodes to decide.

Heather Hogan
Four for you, Pan Am! You go, Pan Am! (And none for Charlie's Angels. Bye.)

Michael Henley
Anyone who likes sci-fi should check out Pan Am. The show takes place in some strange parallel universe where in the 60's, nobody smoked.

Stephen Stallings
Pan Am, I liked you okay. I really hope I grow to love you.

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Adam Barken
My wife says every scene in PAN AM is like the last scene of a big movie - but without the buildup or character development.

Richard Lawson
Is "Pan Am" filmed live and improvised? Because none of this makes any sense.

this Pan Am show needs a Don Draper ASAP

Samuel Johnson
Pan Am: I venture that the Wardrobe Mistresses of Mad Men were most unwise to take Flight without the SCRIPTWRITERS


Eric Rowe
I keep hoping this new show Pan Am will do something exciting like the first episode of Lost & have the plane crash. Nope they just fly boo.

Bloge Salming
I'm watching "Pan Am" and for the life of me I don't know why.

Karen DaltonBeninato
So far, Pan Am feels like it's created by executives who wish women still had to be weighed for their jobs.

I'd be much more inclined to watch 'Pan Am' if it were called 'The Mile High Club' & was on Cinemax. At midnight.


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