'Parenthood' Boss: I Would Love to Do a Limited Series Revival

Executive producer Jason Katims reveals why he's already ruled out a follow-up movie.
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The X-Files. Heroes. Limited series revivals are a hot trend in Hollywood. And Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims is already hoping the recently departed family drama will someday follow suit.

"I really do love the idea of doing something in the future with the show," Katims told the crowd at a "For Your Consideration" event honoring the series Thursday, moderated by The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg.

The series left behind a loyal following when it went off the air in January after a six-season run. But unlike that other NBC cult favorite now holding court at Yahoo, Katims has already ruled out six seasons and a movie for the Bravermans.

"I really don't think of it as a movie. Because of the nature of the show, it never seemed like it would work in that way," said Katims. "It always felt — it really got great as it ramped up after a few episodes."

Precisely because of that, not to mention the show's large ensemble, Katims sees a limited series as the way to go. "I could see coming back and doing a limited, like an eight-episode arc or something like that," he continued. "It would be driven by: Is there another story to tell? And start with that and then from there to see … whether there was any possible way of getting everyone together at some point in the future to do it."

This isn't Katims' first attempt at resurrecting a series. A Friday Night Lights film was long rumored to be in the works after it ended in 2011. However, star Kyle Chandler revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in March that it was he who put the brakes on the possible film. "The show ended perfectly," said Chandler. "It was five seasons, it was really good, and I just didn't see a movie."

NBC has been big on revivals. The network announced the event miniseries Heroes: Reborn last February, which will mix returning castmembers like Jack Coleman with new faces such as Zachary Levi. The Peacock also recently picked up 13 new episodes of Coach — it ran on ABC from 1989-1997 — which will see Parenthood star Craig T. Nelson reprise his lead role and also serve as an executive producer.