'Parenthood': Ray Romano's Hank Clashes With Sarah (Exclusive Video)


That didn't take long.

Ray Romano's ace photographer Hank is already having words with Lauren Graham's Sarah on NBC's Parenthood.

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After Drew's (Miles Heizer) relationship with girlfriend Amy (Skyler Day) takes a t urn for the worse, the shutterbug has some harsh words for his newest employee about her smothering parenting techniques: "I think you're being an idiot."

In a clip exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter from Tuesday's episode of Parenthood, the outspoken Hank will offer Sarah some unsolicited advice that she can't fathom for her sensitive son who she notes is "in pain."

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"Of course he's in pain, women are conniving soul crushers and if he realizes that he'll be OK, he has a chance," he tells her, going on to reveal more about his cool yet almost edgy past. "My mother never gave me dating advice; I would have laughed at her."

Check out the clip below to hear Hank's suggestion for Drew and hit the comments with your thoughts on Hank and Sarah's evolving relationship. Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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