'Parenthood': Watch Hank Pick His Best Man (Exclusive Video)

Parenthood S06E08 Ray Romano Still - H 2014
Colleen Hayes/NBC

Parenthood S06E08 Ray Romano Still - H 2014

Still reeling from the penultimate episode of NBC's Parenthood? Get ready for more Kleenex moments in next week's series finale, which includes Hank (Ray Romano) selecting his best man.

In an exclusive clip from the Jan. 29 series finale of NBC's beloved Jason Katims drama, Hank turns to a touching member of the Braverman family to stand beside him during his wedding to Sarah (Lauren Graham).

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"He started out quite the curmudgeon — and misanthropic, shall we say. That's the biggest word I could ever use, so make sure it gets in," Romano told The Hollywood Reporter of the series finale. "He's still got Hank in him but just the fact that he's in love is a big thing with a guy like him. The fact that he can say it and admit it and that he's found it. I think it ends positively for him."

The episode will feature a three-year time jump and, to hear showrunner Katims tell it, the "bittersweet" and "uplifting" series finale won't be overshadowed by Zeek's ongoing health woes.

Check out the clip, below, and stay tuned to THR for more coverage from the Parenthood series finale. Parenthood's last episode airs Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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