'Parenthood': Christmas Brings Trouble for Amber and Ryan (Exclusive Video)

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, Amber learns that Ryan's first day working construction didn't end well.
"Parenthood's" Mae Whitman

Christmas may not be the happiest time of year for Parenthood's Ryan and Amber.

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In a scene from Tuesday's episode exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Amber (Mae Whitman) learns that Ryan's (Matt Lauria) first day working construction didn't go very well.

After getting the gig from Amber's uncle, Joel (Sam Jaeger), the returning war veteran proceeds to have a challenging experience fitting in with the guys on the job, who give the "rookie" a hard time before Ryan ultimately breaks an $800 window.

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Making matters worse, it appears Ryan has gone on the lamb as Julia (Erika Christensen) seems to be the one breaking the news to Amber on Christmas at their home, where the family is gathering after Kristina is hospitalized.

"He needs a lot of healing," Lauria told THR recently. "Not only are we seeing this guy who's just trying to get back on his feet but [he's struggling] with these things that we take for granted: little adjustments that the men and women [returning home] are trying to make that you just aren't used to doing anymore."

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"This is a guy who desperately needs healing and he's with a girl who has never had to be responsible for someone else or to be so invested emotionally in a relationship that it requires her to give of herself this much and be the guiding force to be the one to provide that kind of guidance," he added.

Check out the clip, below, and hit the comments if you think Ryan and Amber can get over the hurdle. Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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