'Parenthood's' Jason Katims: Zeek's Journey Won't Overshadow the Ending

"What's happening with Zeek permeates but doesn't take over," the showrunner tells THR. Plus watch an exclusive clip from Thursday's penultimate episode.

Parenthood fans, prepare for the end of the road.

With only two episodes of the beloved Jason Katims NBC drama remaining, there are a number of storylines still up in the air — notably patriarch Zeek Braverman's (Craig T. Nelson) health.

"We have this story with Zeek that has anchored the season and will continue to as we move forward. But we also have all of these characters and their stories, and they're big stories that are happening as well," Katims tells The Hollywood Reporter. "What we wanted to do was continue to tell that story with Zeek but not have it overshadow what's happening with Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Hank (Ray Romano), what's happening with Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen), what's happening with the Luncheonette."

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Among the storylines still to be resolved are Zeek and Camille's (Bonnie Bedelia) decision about surgery; what comes next for Joel and Julia; Sarah and Hank's potential wedding — she said yes last week — and Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby's (Dax Shepard) potentially renewed partnership at the Lunchenoette. Watch an exclusive video below that indicates there may be a bump in their road toward reopening the recording studio.

"We found a way to tell these stories so that what's happening with Zeek permeates but doesn't take over," Katims says. "It's important for these last couple of episodes that we tell more stories than only Zeek. Sarah is very influenced by what's happening with her dad, as are Adam and Crosby and Julia. When you're faced with what's happening — and so many of us have been through that with a loved one like that — it puts things in perspective."

While Joel and Julia reconciled after a nearly two-season journey with a moving scene at an ice skating rink in which their children learned that their family is coming back together, Katims says their journey isn't done.

"We wanted to deal with the idea of coming back together, and moving back in is filled with some complication," Katims says. "It's not that simple. I remember talking to Sam about that story, and he was happy we were doing that because that is what the show is. It's never just kiss and make up and it's all good. It's more about what would Joel moving his stuff back into the house be like? We told that story, and we have one more big twist with them."

As for if one of the two remaining episodes will feature a wedding, Katims was cagey. "They're definitely engaged, so it will probably mean marriage, but you never know!"

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC. What are you looking forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments below.

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