Paris Hilton Walks Out of ABC News Interview (Video)

She gets upset when Dan Harris repeatedly asks her if she's worried her "moment has passed" and if she's "overshadowed by Kim Kardashian."
ABC News

Paris Hilton got annoyed and walked out of an interview with ABC News' Dan Harris after he asked her about being past her prime and living in the shadow of former friend Kim Kardashian. Watch the footage, which aired on Good Morning America Wednesday, below.

In the clip, Harris repeatedly asks her if she's worried her "moment has passed" and points out the low ratings on her Oxygen reality show, The World According to Paris (the finale airs Wednesday). After several clipped "no" responses, she sighs, looks off-camera and walks out.

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"After a long, heated conversation with Hilton and her publicist," Harris explained to Robin Roberts, the interview continues. Hilton is also heard saying off-camera, "I don't want all of this being used." They had been sitting down in Hilton's newly renovated Los Angeles home.

Hilton answered Harris' questions of being past her prime: "I've been doing this for 15 years now, so it's been a long time … so just like any other business person or someone in the industry, it's always important to reinvent yourself and come up with new projects."

At the end of the interview, they made up and hugged.

According to HIlton's publicist, her business isn't exactly faltering: Her perfume lines have made $1 billion alone and she has stores in 31 countries and 17 product lines in addition to her Oxygen reality show.

"So many people that are rich do nothing," Hilton says. "I like being able to do what I want, to buy whatever I want, and to not ask for permission like some of my other friends who are adults but live like children."

She also discusses her behavior on reality TV and her high-pitched voice.

"It's the character that I developed for The Simple Life. They wanted a character that was an airhead with a baby voice, and so that's a character that I do, and I had to do it for five seasons," Hilton says. "And so sometimes when I'm on camera I'll revert back to it, just because I'm so used to it because I did it for so long."

"I need to make people laugh. So if I'm always serious about everything I do, it would be boring. So I like to entertain people and make people smile," she goes on.

Hilton also admits on ABC News that she broke up with boyfriend Cy Waits after watching the show and feeling like their chemistry wasn't right. She wouldn't confirm that she's dating Hangover: Part 2 director Todd Phillips.


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