'Parks and Recreation's' Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza Name Their Dream Political Guest Stars

With the NBC comedy adding a new D.C. setting in the upcoming season, the stars of the show reveal who they'd like to visit the set.

Parks and Recreation will venture outside of Pawnee this season, with some of the characters setting up shop in the nation's capital.

In the season four finale, Ben (Adam Scott) accepted a job offer in Washington, D.C., and when season five premieres on Thursday, Ben and April (Aubrey Plaza) will be working together in D.C.

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The show’s new setting offers the actors an opportunity to rub shoulders with some real-life politicians. Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, will cameo as themselves in the upcoming season.

“I think they are used to kind of having a poker face and keeping close to the vest, so acting comes really naturally to them. They were really good,” Scott tells The Hollywood Reporter about working with the politicans. “[Barbara Boxer] and Olympia Snowe were both really sweet. They were really nice.”

Though no other political guest stars have been announced yet, the two actors do have their own wish lists. While Scott jokingly says that Abraham Lincoln would be his dream guest star, both he and Plaza name a couple of living politicians who they would love to work with.

"Hillary Clinton. And Bill Clinton. I want to meet them," Plaza tells THR.

"I think Hillary would be the ultimate for Leslie," adds Scott, referring to Amy Poehler's character, Ben's politically-obsessed girlfriend.

Ben and April’s move to D.C. also throws some challenges into their relationships with Leslie and Andy (Chris Pratt), respectively. While Plaza describes Andy and April to be “still very much in love and married,” Scott notes that the long-distance element added into both couples’ relationships will provide some obstacles. Leslie and Andy will be visiting their significant others in D.C. in the upcoming season, though Scott warns that Leslie may not have the easiest time fitting in.

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“You would think [D.C.] would be Disneyland for [Leslie]. She comes here with a proposal for Pawnee, and she kind of feels very, very small when she comes. She’s in the middle of the machine of Washington, D.C., and sees April and I kind of thriving here and really being among the power players. It’s a really interesting contrast to being a big fish in a small pond in Pawnee,” Scott says.

The new setting will see Ben and April interacting with each other more than previous seasons. In terms of the characters’ dynamic working together in the upcoming season, Scott teases that “April pretty much makes Ben’s job much more difficult than it needs to be.”

Parks and Recreation returns Thursday, Sept. 20, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.