'Parks and Recreation' New Preview Spots Celebrate the Olympics (Video)

The summer games may have been held in England, but there was plenty of action in Pawnee, too.

Someone give Ron Swanson a pair of gold medals. Not that he has any use for either acclaim or material posessions.

The Olympic spirit extended across the entirety of the NBC network, reaching even smalltown Pawnee, Indiana. As such, the parks and recreation department of the ideal (if morbidly obese) suburb staged some of its own games (or, at least tried).

In three new teasers for Parks and Recreation, we're treated to Andy (Chris Pratt) getting prepped to set a world swimming record, Tom (Aziz Ansari) facing off against Ron (Nick Offerman) in a wrestling match, and then Ron facing off against a gigantic tray of sausages and mashed potatoes.

The series returns to NBC Thursdays on September 20.