Parvati Shallow Breaks Down 'Survivor: Worlds Apart': It's My Birthday, and I'll Rage If I Want To

 The season 30 theme is white collar vs. blue collar vs. no collar.

Parvati Shallow is a Survivor champ and three-time competitor on the show. The OG Miss Survivor and Survivor Hall of Famer now covers health and wellness for CBS News in New York City. Find her on Twitter @parvatishallow.

"They just turned me into the psychotic person I am." – Rodney

Rodney’s got island fever, and he’s got it bad. While everyone else has gone on a reward or two, Rodney hasn’t been let off the island since the game started. Today, however, may be the day to end Rodney’s long days of suffering. The day begins like any other day on Survivor: Worlds Apart. The tribe groggily wipes the dirt out of their eyes and stumble out to the fire where Rodney is sitting in his favorite chair—a massive luxury to have on the island.

Today is no ordinary day, however. Today is Rodney’s birthday, and Rodney’s made sure that everyone knows it. Today, is also a reward challenge day. And, Rodney feels entitled to be selected for the reward. In an altruistic moment, Will says he’ll give his spot to Rodney if he wins the reward. See guys, Will’s not all bad. Now that Shirin is gone, maybe Will can show us how good his dark, shadowy heart really is.

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Unfortunately, Will doesn’t have the chance to show us his softer side, because he’s the outcast in the schoolyard pick. Sitting on the bench with no shot of participating in the reward, Will is no help to Rodney. The guys in Rodney’s threesome – Dan and Tyler-- are going to have to ante up to get this win.

They come close and it looks like Rodney’s birthday wish will come true! But, NO! In true Mike fashion, he takes the win and crushes Rodney’s dreams in the process.

No one chooses to give up their reward. Even Jeff’s best manipulation tactics won’t work on Carolyn, Mike and Sierra. They want to play with kids and eat Nicaraguan barbeque, and I don’t blame them. Rodney is no Joe. He’s not making anyone fall in love with him, and these people don’t like him enough to give up their chicken drumsticks.

You gotta earn that kind of love here, Rodney. This is Survivor, not your mama’s house where the spaghetti a la carbonara flows like rainwater in a California gutter. Oh, wait … that doesn’t really work here, does it?

Anyway, moving right along to the reward. Mike takes this opportunity to hit some headers with the little kiddos and work in a little politicking with Mama C and Sierra. It looks like Carolyn likes what she hears from Mike, but she’s not fully convinced that it’s in her best interest to align with him. It’s not. Mike’s a powerful challenge competitor. He’s made awesome moves, and the jury loves him. If Carolyn joins forces with Mike, she’s a fool. She needs to focus on getting him out of the game if she wants a shot to win.

She obviously knows this, but I guess it’s fun to entertain the thought of mixing up the game.

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When the gang returns to camp, Rodney is going off about how mad he is at everyone. He’s come up with a truly genius (sarcasm) plan to pretend he wants to be voted off in order to convince Mike not to play his idol. Mike doesn’t buy it for a second, and Rodney’s brilliant plan is foiled before it can even begin.

As we head into the immunity challenge, it's Tyler that needs protection the most. Mike is hell bent on voting out Tyler and Mike has an idol. From what we’ve seen out of the players left in the game, none of them are willing to make any bold moves, so really whoever Mike votes for is most likely going home.

In the challenge, it’s down to Mama C and Tyler in the end. Tyler is struggling. Mama C looks strong and composed—she could be here for days. Tyler takes one glance at her steady posture and drops out. Why wouldn’t he? He’s been Carolyn’s closest ally since day one. She would never betray him. Right?

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Well … Carolyn wins immunity and she doesn’t even pretend to give Tyler the idol she’s been hoarding since the beginning of the game. She’s playing a devilish game, and no one is calling her out on it!

Tribal council comes and goes. Mike plays his idol, and saves himself. Tyler gets voted out.

Carolyn’s hands are clean. She doesn’t vote for Tyler, and she doesn’t save him either.

Maybe she loses his vote in the end, but probably not. My bet is Tyler still gives it to her if she’s sitting in the final tribal.

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Final thoughts: Mama C is out of the shadows. Carolyn gets a great edit in this episode, which makes me think... the girl’s got legs to get to the end. Strangely, no one appears to be threatened by her at all. And, now that the only person who knew she had an idol is out of the game, she’s got nothing to worry about.

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