Parvati Shallow Breaks Down 'Survivor: Worlds Apart': And Then There Were Five

 The season 30 theme is white collar vs. blue collar vs. no collar.

Parvati Shallow is a Survivor champ and three-time competitor on the show. The OG Miss Survivor and Survivor Hall of Famer now covers health and wellness for CBS News in New York City. Find her on Twitter @parvatishallow.

Dan the mailman starts off the episode with an anti-Mike rant. Dan calls Mike arrogant and condescending. It blows my mind that Dan doesn’t realize that he is all of those things he despises about Mike. Seriously, there is no one in the game that is more arrogant or condescending than Dan. Even Rodney has his redeeming moments. If Mike goes home tonight and Dan stays, I vow to never watch Survivor again. It’s gotten that bad.

It seems like Carolyn is nearly as fed up as I am with Dan. At the top of the episode, Mama C is broadening her options by chatting up Mike and selling out Dan. She’s worried about Dan’s advantage and tells Mike exactly what Dan’s been hiding — an extra vote. I appreciate Carolyn’s style more these days. She’s making subtle moves and putting herself in the kingpin position. She knows Mike’s a lone soldier in this game. She could easily bring him in as an ally and she keeps that option in her back pocket, just in case Mike wins immunity again.

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Mike’s demonstrated his Survivor powers in a big way. He’s an immunity giant and continues to kick butt in challenges. Heading into the reward challenge, my money’s on Mike.

The tribe splits into two teams. Rodney, the island inmate, hasn’t had the reprieve of a reward yet, and he wants it reeeeeally bad. Jeff knows this, and he taunts Rodney into saying sad things about his friends abandoning him on his birthday. This prompts a quick guilty look from Carolyn, and about a half second later, she’s over it. Carolyn came to play.

As the reward challenge gets going, we see how badly Rodney wants this win. He’s first out of the gates, leading the charge. But, it doesn’t matter at all because the puzzle at the end stumps both tribes. For over an hour the tribes scratch their heads and blankly stare at puzzle pieces. Finally, Jeff starts giving subtle hints and Carolyn picks up on them. Boom. She’s got it. And, Mike, Carolyn and Will are off on a reward.

Oh, hang on. What’s that, Jeff?

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He’s asking Carolyn if she’s considering giving up her reward to Rodney. She waffles for a few seconds, but then Jeff lays it out for her by saying she’s preventing Rodney from eating and gaining an edge in the immunity challenge she’s done. Carolyn is cutthroat. She’s going to make sure she’s got the edge in any upcoming situations.

So she leaves a broken hearted Rodney behind as she skips off to jump on her helicopter tour of Nicaragua.

Rodney is truly devastated by this. He gets back to the island and looks like he may start crying at any moment. Thankfully Dan pulls out some mystery fruit from the bushes. What is that fruit anyway? I thought it looked like a coconut from the outside, but I was deceived. Whatever it is, Rodney loves it. He says he can feel the energy and life coursing back through his veins. And, he’s ready to crush the next immunity challenge.

Meanwhile, back at the reward Mike is doing his best to seduce Will and Carolyn into a final three. Will isn’t remotely entertaining the idea and he says as much. Mike’s got no one. Hopefully, for the sake of the fans, Carolyn will throw him a bone and keep him in the game. Or, best case scenario, Mike wins immunity.

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Let’s get straight to that immunity challenge, then. I can no longer wait to know if Mike will be able to pull off another massive win here. All five other people are gunning for Mike. If any of these people win, Mike will be voted out. He has to win this challenge.

It’s so close at the end, I cannot breathe. If Dan or Sierra pull this off, I’ll shut off my TV right now.

Mike WINS!!! Gasp. I can breathe again.

This is fun.

Back at camp, the five have to turn on one another yet again. The way these people are voting off anyone with any intelligence or social skills annoys me. I hate that the weakest players have all teamed up against anyone who’s actually playing the game. Bah-humbug.

Since the game is playing out this way, Carolyn is in serious danger. She’s lost Rodney’s favor by not giving up her rewards, and she has no real close allies anymore now that Tyler is gone. Carolyn thinks everyone’s on the same page and Dan’s going home tonight. She doesn’t realize the extent of the danger she’s in until Mike points out that Dan is sleeping in the shelter. He feels that safe. This shakes Carolyn out of her complacency and puts her on high alert. Maybe she will play her idol tonight.

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I hope so.

She does! Oh thank God.

All four of her alliance mates voted for her, and Dan played his advantage giving Carolyn an extra vote to be safe. But, Carolyn voted for Dan, and Mike voted for Dan.

That means…. YES!!! Dan’s out!

They did it. High-five, Mike!

Now, it looks like Mike may finally have an ally for the rest of the game… maybe.

I’m so proud of you both. Great show.

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