Parvati Shallow Recaps 'Survivor': Chaos Kass Crushes Viewers' Hopes

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Kass McQuillen

At the start of the episode, we are down to six people vying for the title of Sole Survivor and the million bucks that go with it. As I’ve said before, I do not see any combination of people in the end that would assure a Chaos Kass victory. She has been snarky, rude, disloyal, power-hungry and has betrayed or annoyed everyone in the game. Her best bet is to go to the end with Tony and hope that she can use her brain power to defend her actions with a compelling, logical argument. As I see it, Kass is the No. 1 villain in this game, with Tony a close second. These two need each other. 

Although she desperately needs Tony to take her to the end, Kass insists on making it known that she dislikes Tony and his tactics. A huge cat fight ensues between the woman who has now been left out of two big blindsides and the man who continues to pull off these bold power moves. Tony is the boss. Kass’ public outcry shouldn’t bother him. But, Tony desperately wants people to like him. When Kass thinks Tony is badmouthing her, she calls him out on it. This time she’s wrong, and Tony insists on making it right. As he guffaws his way through a bumbling excuse (which makes him seem all the more a liar), he finishes it with, “You’re always in my thoughts, Kass.” Now, we know this is a lie because if this were true, Tony’s head would explode. Wait for it … nope. Still there.

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If only Tony had the patience and calm of Trish, his other close ally, who has also been left out of the most recent blindside plans. Trish, unlike Kass, is playing a quiet, understated game. Her social gameplay is the reason Kass is still with this alliance. She also acts as the Tony whisperer, pulling him off the edge when his paranoia gets the best of him. Tony needs Trish. If he didn’t have her around, I believe we would have seen him snap by now. She isn’t making too much noise as a player, but Trish may have what it takes to win if she makes it to the end with Tony. She has very little blood on her hands. 

The rift between Kass and Tony continues to grow as the contestants make their way to the reward challenge. This rapid-fire bag toss takes strength and solid aim, at first. I’ve been giving Kass a hard time, but, man, that lady’s got an arm. She knocks down an entire row of blocks, giving her team a boost. At last, Spencer and Tasha oppose one another for the puzzle build. Tasha, focused and grounded, as always, looks like she’s got this. But with Kass’ guidance, Spencer pulls ahead and wins the challenge for his team. Woo, Kass and Spencer are off on a special reward giving Filipino school children supplies and toys. 

Woo wins the heart of a nation for his performance with the school kids. He’s warm and funny, doing backflips and martial arts for his audience of “beautiful little people.” After the show, Woo, Kass, and Spencer take a break to eat some sandwiches and dish some strategy. Well, Woo mainly just eats sandwiches and looks bewildered while Kass and Spencer strategize about flushing Tony’s idol. Once Kass and Spence develop a plan to split the votes between Trish and Tony, they turn to Woo. Is he in? Woo looks confused, scared and torn about this monumental decision. Does he want to turn on his buddy, Tony? Why not? He’d much rather be doing flying sidekicks than talking strategy anyway. He’s in. 

As they rejoin the gang on the beach, Tony pulls his friend Woo aside and asks if there was any strategy talk at the reward. Instantly, Woo spins a lie about Spencer and Kass wanting to vote out Tasha. Unbelievable. I blame this on Kass and Spencer. They didn’t work through the plan enough to give Woo talking points. Clearly, Woo is not functioning on the same mental level as these two. They should have known better than to send him back to Tony without a story. 

Now Tony is suspicious. He distrusts Woo, and he knows he may be in danger. Even with a blindside brewing against him, he’s not nervous. Tony has a bulletproof vest made of immunity idols. No one can touch him.

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Spencer and Tasha are the ones in real danger. One of these two needs to win immunity today. Tasha is strong, focused, determined and she’s on a winning streak. Spencer also has a couple immunity wins under his belt. These two are the ones to watch. 

Half an hour in to a counting and running challenge, Tasha comes very close, but Spencer takes the victory. Now he’s safe to make his big move: flushing Tony’s idol. 

Spencer just needs to make sure Woo and Kass are still on board. They are, until Kass has a brief conversation with Tasha about Tony being the “Russell Hantz of Survivor Cagayan.” Now Kass believes she has a shot at beating Tony in the end, on account of his unlikability. She pulls Woo aside right before they leave for Tribal Council; the jig is up. 

As Tribal Council begins, the conversation centers around Tony’s bag of tricks and talk of flushing idols. Tasha, all smiles, looks hopeful that Kass and Woo will stick with the plan to split votes. Kass has a different idea, however, and she votes to send Tasha packing, keeping Tony in the game. No idols are flushed and Tasha goes home. What a buzzkill. 

Are you guys as annoyed with Kass as I am? She keeps coming up with devious plans, gets our hopes up, and then crushes us by not following through. I’m over it. 

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