Watch Patrick Stewart Kiss Conan O'Brien on Lips

Patrick Stewart Conan Still - H 2015

Patrick Stewart and Conan O'Brien just got a bit closer. 

The Blunt Talk actor appeared on Monday's Conan, where the host asked him about having recently kissed X-Men co-star Ian McKellen at a red-carpet event.

"Do you want to try it out?" Stewart asked O'Brien about sharing a smooch. "You were looking at me in a way that I recognize."

After Stewart marched over and planted one on O'Brien, the host had nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

"I felt that you finally accepted me as your better," O'Brien said on why he enjoyed their kiss.

Afterward, Stewart commented about the kiss on Twitter, calling his appearance "surprisingly intimate." He also posted a photo of himself in a hot tub and wrote that he was "chilling the f— out after my #Conan encounter." 

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) August 18, 2015

The tweets can be seen below, along with the segment.