Patti LuPone Isn't Surprised by 'Cats' Box Office Bomb: "I Will Never Watch It"

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Courtesy of NBC

Tony-winning actress Patti LuPone may be busy promoting her upcoming Netflix series Hollywood, set to debut Friday, but that didn't stop her from taking a trip down memory lane on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Monday night.

To get LuPone to "spill the tea," Cohen played a few games with the actress that touched on a variety of topics, including Cats, Barbra Streisand's Gypsy remake, and the story behind the infamous photo of LuPone having drinks with Glenn Close. 

When asked how shocked she was that Cats bombed at the box office and if she would ever watch the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical, LuPone said she refused.

"I will never watch it. I just saw the revival of it and walked out after the first act. I saw it originally in London and hated it, so I'm not surprised that it bombed onscreen. From one to 10, how about zero," she said. 

When asked whether she regretted turning down the role of Evita's mother in the film adaptation of Evita starring Madonna, LuPone burst into laughter and confirmed that she had no regrets. 

As for a photo of LuPone and Close having drinks at the Bar Centrale in New York went viral — at the time, the pair was reported to be feuding —  LuPone told Cohen that narrative wasn't the truth. "We didn't grab drinks. She crashed our table," she said. "It was in the paper the wrong way."

She went on to explain that while she was at dinner with Jon Hamm and Andrew Rannells, Close came to sit down next to Hamm. LuPone even recalled advice she gave to Hamm that same night. "I said to him, 'If you go home and you f—k her, I'll never speak to you again,'" LuPone recalled (later adding that Hamm and Close never had any close encounters). 

As to her thoughts on whether Streisand would ever adapt the musical Gypsy for film after years of struggling to, LuPone said she wasn't sure. "I'm sure there's technologies so that she could do it. I think maybe 50 years ago she would have been a brilliant Madame Rose. I think she's too old," she said. 

LuPone also reflected on the time she trashed her dressing room after learning she was fired from Sunset Boulevard. "I took a floor lamp and I used it as batting practice," she said. "I smashed up my waiting area and then took the floor lamp and threw it out of the second floor window." 

LuPone also played a game with Cohen in which she rated who in Hollywood could be a "movie killer." 

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