Patti Stanger Sparks Controversy With Anti-Jewish, Gay Comments on Bravo

Twitter explodes after she appears on "Watch What Happens Live" and tells Andy Cohen, "There is no curbing the gay man" and declares "Jewish men lie."
Tommy Garcia/NBC

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger set off a Twitter outcry Sunday after appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and making controversial statements about Jewish and gay people.

When a caller asked Stanger how she felt about open long distance relationships and monogamy, Stanger replied, "In the Gay world, it will always be open" and then asked the caller, Dustin, if he is gay. When he says he is gay, Stanger then said, "There is no curbing the gay man."

She then looked to host Andy Cohen, who is openly gay, and said, "I have tried to curb 'you people.'" When Cohen replied, "I am a gay and am down for the monogamy," Stanger broke down laughing and shot back, "When was the last time you had a boyfriend?"

She also told Cohen, "You know this. You're gay."

To another caller, she said, "First of all, you're very handsome, I thought you were straight."

A bewildered Cohen then said, "I don't know why being straight is a compliment."

"Because he's not queen-y," she replied. Watch the clip on

She also announced, "Jewish men lie."

She also announced on her show that New York women are "angry" and that women should target men in the suburbs.

Some viewers took to Twitter to ask for her to be fired or criticized the Bravo star:

ChadDarnell Chad Darnell
Patti Stanger is a vile, disgusting, wretched woman.

kurtlesturtles Kurtles Turtles
@bryansafi andy cohen should have fired patti stanger, not jill zarin

humorandspice Amanda (Humor&Spice)
OMG @BravoAndy. Why would you ruin your #wwhl premiere by having Patti Stanger on for the entire hour?! She's super annoying ... #ugh blogger Ilana Angel also wrote a scathing web post that was circulated widely online.

"This afternoon, during a sixty minute span, I saw 73 tweets stating they want her fired, and for other Bravo fans to stop watching in an attempt to send the message to Bravo that the show should be cancelled.  They even went so far as to ask for a boycott of Andy Cohen’s show, Watch What Happens Live, which premieres tonight after Patti," she wrote.

"The time will come when she won’t be able to give her services away, and that will be the day her show is cancelled.  Twitter might help that day come quicker.  There is nothing appealing or charming about this woman. She is an embarrassment to women, and has all the horrible stereotypes that Jewish women are labeled with."


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