Paul Rudd Accepts Mysterious Mission in 'SNL' Promo

The actor will host the season finale of the NBC late-night sketch show this weekend.
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd accepts an important mission in a promo clip for his upcoming role as host of NBC's Saturday Night Live.

The clip opens with SNL castmember Beck Bennett asking Rudd for a password. "Capital 'p,' lowercase 'assword,'" responds Rudd.

Rudd struggles to get hold of a letter from Bennett, which details the mission. When he opens the envelope, he reads a message written in crayon that asks, "Will u host show?" The notebook paper includes two drawn check boxes with "yes" and "no" options.

After reading the request, Rudd asks for a pen. When Bennett is unable to find one, fellow castmember Heidi Gardner saves the mission and gives a pen to Rudd before she returns to eating her lunch in silence. The host quickly agrees to take on the hosting role before Bennett trips over Gardner and seemingly tries to exit the room.

As Bennett slowly walks around the other side of the theater, Gardner states that she thought Rudd had already committed to hosting. "I just humor him. I think he needs this for some reason," says Rudd as the two watch Bennett strike spy poses.

While Gardner tries to return to eating her sandwich in private, Rudd doesn't take the hint and asks her to tell him about herself. "What are your dreams? Aspirations?" he asks as she puts her lunch back in a paper bag and exits the theater.

When Gardner also leaves Rudd, the host is left alone with his thoughts. "Nah, a sandwich is the best. I had one yesterday," he says to himself. "I think it was roast beef? Turkey. It was turkey."

Rudd will host the season finale of SNL, while DJ Khaled will join him as musical guest. Watch the full promo below.