Paul Rudd, James Corden Have a Never-Ending Urinal Conversation on 'Late Late Show'

Paul Rudd James Corden H 2016

Paul Rudd James Corden H 2016

Conversations at urinals can be awkward, even for Paul Rudd.

The actor stopped by Tuesday's The Late Late Show for a sketch with James Corden about the common encounter.

Usually, it just includes a bit of small talk about the weather and the activities of the past weekend, but their bit includes a light snack, a crossword puzzle, a quick beard shave and even some crafting, knitting and humming.

If that's not enough, the two also shared a hug (before washing any hands) before Rudd broke out a sleeping mask for a nap.

Watch the video below.

During the episode, Rudd and Diane Lane also noted the roles for which they auditioned. For Lane, it was Pretty Woman (then titled 3000 and a much darker film about "a psychotic call girl with delusions of grandeur, ... not the Cinderella movie they ended up making,"), while Rudd went for the lead role in Titanic, especially because his father was a Titanic historian.

"I knew so much about the ship — I went into the audition talking about the steel that they used," he recalled. "They're like, 'OK, none of this matters.'" He added of Leonardo DiCaprio's performance, "I think the guy that got it is pretty good!"

Lane and Rudd then went on to re-create the film's classic "I'm king of the world!" scene, complete with Corden simulating an oceanic wind.