Pee-wee Herman Rides Into 'Top Chef: Texas' (Video)

Paul Reubens says it's "thrilling" to be back in San Antonio for first time since filming "Pee-wee's Big Adventure.
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

When contestants of Top Chef: Texas saw a table stacked high with pancakes, some figured the episode's secret celebrity judge must be a kid.

But then came the sound of a bicycle horn as Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-wee Herman, road in on his fabled red bicycle.

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"I love pancakes. I mean, I'm not gonna marry one, but I love them anyway," said Reubens as Herman

The contestants were given 20 minutes to make pancakes for Reubens to judge. The winner of received $5,000.

"$5,000 for a pancake? Wow, that's a stack," Reubens said.

The segment of the Bravo series was shot in San Antonio, Texas. The city was also featured in Big Adventure, in a scene in which Pee-Wee travels to the Alamo in search of his missing bicycle.

"I came here to film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, to the Alamo, many years ago," Reubens said. "It's the first time I've been back. It's thrilling. Thank you so much for having me."

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Reubens, 59, revived Pee-wee in 2010 through club performances and later a Broadway show. He told THR last year a third big screen outing for the character, produced by Judd Apatow, was in the works.

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