Pele Gives an Emotional Jon Stewart Signed Soccer Jersey (Video)

Also on the late night shows, Seth Meyers paid tribute to David Letterman and Johnny Depp claimed the "Late Show" host upstaged him by announcing his retirement.
Comedy Central

Soccer legend Pele turned up alive and well on The Daily Show (he was the victim of a false death report last week) to present Jon Stewart with an autographed jersey. The Daily Show host embraced Pele in thanks.

The Daily Show
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Following the big TV news of the day that David Letterman will be retiring, Late Night's Seth Meyers paid tribute to the man who first hosted the NBC show. "I grew up on David Letterman," Meyers said. "I  remember we used to memorize top ten lists so we could tell them on the bus the next day."

On The Late Show, Johnny Depp teased Letterman that the host had ruined his own plans to announce his retirement on the show.

Here's a unique talent: Emma Stone can forge the Spice Girls' autographs from memory. She showed off the talent on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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