Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Appears On 'Today' To Argue His Innocence (Video)

Jerry Sandusky Lawyer - H 2011

Jerry Sandusky Lawyer - H 2011

The morning after his client, former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, gave his first interview since being charged with 40 counts of sexual assault of children to NBC's Bob Costas, lawyer Joe Amendola appeared on Today for a sit-down interview with anchor Ann Curry Tuesday Nov. 15. 

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"He's not guilty of these offensives," Amendola said at the start of the interview, adding that his client has wanted to speak out about the allegations for at least three years. 

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Curry questioned why Sandusky continued to shower with children after receiving complaints. “The easy answer is he didn’t use a whole lot of common sense because obviously he had the warning in the late ‘90s, in the 1998 situation, and certainly should’ve ceased it then,’’ Amendola answered. “I’ve grilled him on that many times, but showering with kids doesn’t make him guilty.’

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The lawyer pointed blame at both the public and the media, saying, he's been tried and convicted publicly "and he hasn't even had a day in court yet." 

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The New York Times reported Monday that at least 10 additional victims have come forward since the story broke last week saying they were also abused by Sandusky. 

However, Amendola implied that instead the alleged victims may be lying.

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“What’s happening now, in my opinion, is that we have a bunch of people who have read the allegations, realize that there is a large university involved and there maybe is a lot of money involved in lawsuits that are going to certainly come,’’ he said. “Until we sort through these allegations, we have absolutely no idea if they’re authentic or not."

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He also added that he believes his team has found the man assistant coach Mike McQueary alleged was raped by Sandusky in 2002, and the man does not corroborate the story. 

However, he did also conceede that it is possible that Sandusky did commit the crimes. 

Watch the full interview below.