Perez Hilton Slams 'X Factor's' Stacy Francis: You're a Fraud

After tweeting that the 42-year-old single mom was "too old to be a pop star," the gossip blogger now tells THR, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." Plus, Twitter followers question her pro past, including a gig singing at Tom Cruise's birthday party.
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Gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who criticized X Factor contestant Stacy Francis on Twitter this week, writing that the 42-year-old mom was “too old” to be a pop star, continued his rant on Friday, publishing a lengthy post on his own site about Francis’ professional past and her connection to American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert.

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As X Factor followers may recall, Lambert came to Francis’ defense, tweeting that Hilton, “would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn't blown up.” The comment further infuriated Hilton, who told a different tale by listing the myriad Adele posts he’s publishing in the last few years.

But today, an incensed Hilton took it one step further by revealing that Francis and Lambert go way back -- to a Palm Springs gig from before their TV days that was part of an Upright L.A. revue. He even pointed to an ad for the event, which shows Lambert’s and Francis’ head shots right next to each other and above the tag line promising to “bring the sexy back” to Palm Springs. Francis disputes the poster's authenticity, tweeting, "I did not perform with @adamlambert in 2008. That is not true. I have never met him. That poster is bogus. I didn't do that show." (A host of Upright, Chris Isaacson of Chris Isaacson Presents, tweeted that Lambert and Francis were both scheduled to perform at the Palm Springs show, but Francis was replaced last minute by Jennifer Leigh Warren.)

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Hilton further blasts Francis for her resume, which includes gigs with the likes of Madonna, Prince and Chaka Khan, calling her “a fraud” and citing The Hollywood Reporter’s own article connecting Francis to Whitney Houston, who brought the X Factor finalist onstage during a 1999 concert in Connecticut. According to Idol contestant Nick Mitchell, who was in the crowd, Houston introduced Francis as a “friend.”

So how close is Francis to the Grammy Award-winning diva? “I did an off-Broadway show in New York which Whitney saw and she remembered me.” Francis told THR following Tuesday’s X Factor live show. “I was surprised because it was a couple years earlier. And I had met her maybe once before that. But no, we're not friends.”

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In her own defense, Francis has taken to Twitter to answer questions about her past, telling one fan who asked for “more transparency,” “the point was that I am 42 years old and never became successful” and another, “did you ever hear of STACY FRANCIS BEFORE?? was I a star??!?!” Yet another questioned a birthday party for Tom Cruise, which Francis was at. “I was hired to sing for him for a one time birthday party,” she responded. “I do not know him.”

On Tuesday, Francis was all a flutter about her followers on Facebook and Twitter. “I love hearing what they have to say,” she said. “I'm probably going to tweet and ask them what sing I should sing next week and how they felt about what I wore… I heard what Simon said but I want to see what the fans thought and really get into the minds of the American people, because at the end of the day, they're voting and they're going to pick their star and I want to be that person for them.”

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After this Twitter war, she may be singing a different tune. As for Hilton, asked why he’s so bothered by Francis’ ascent to X Factor's final 12, he tells THR, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!” In his own blog post, he writes, “She'll be out of the competition as soon as Simon Cowell gets wind of all this treachery. If there is one person who appreciates professional honesty, it's Simon!”

For now, Francis, who survived an abusive relationship, seems to be able to handle the criticism. Although she did admit that Cowell’s comments after her first live performance -- that he “didn’t like the outfit or the song,” (George Michael’s “One More Try”) and that she needed a “massive shift” -- did indeed sting. “I went in the back and I cried,” she said after the show. “I didn't do it in front of America because they're so tired of seeing the mascara.”

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