Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement to Ariana Grande on 'The Tonight Show'

Pete Davidson is confirming what several press reports — and an Instagram of a massive engagement ring — have already led many to conclude: He and Ariana Grande are engaged.

The SNL star confirmed that he and the "No Tears Left to Cry" singer, who have had a whirlwind romance of only a few weeks, were intending to tie the knot during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Wednesday.

"Now you know you didn't need to get engaged to Ariana Grande to get on our show," Fallon joked during the appearance. Grande is a favorite of The Tonight Show, having appeared several times on the show and taken over the show in April. 

"But I did, though," Davidson responds. He added, "I feel like I won a contest, it's so sick."

When asked how he was handling "it all," most likely referring to the press fascination over the qiuck relationship, he added, "It's f—ing lit, Jimmy. It's so funny when you're walking down the street, and dudes, they're like ..." he said, tipping his hat.

He compared the experience to a famous Gatorade ad. "You ever see that Derek Jeter commercial and he's retiring and everyone just tips their hat?" he asks. "Some dude came up to me and he was like, 'Yo man, you gave me hope.'"

Davidson also discussed the amount of attention the couple is receiving. "Why do people care? It's very weird," he said. "It's weird cause, like, the president's trying to pardon himself and he like f---ed a porn star. It's just like shouldn't we care about that?"

Fallon responded, "No, we want to know what you're wearing."

The host then asked Davidson if he knows Robert Pattinson, who was sitting next to him during the interview. "A little bit," he said. "I think he's one of the greatest actors of our generation. He's incredible. Yeah he's just, like, the sickest."

Davidson shared that he is a huge fan of Pattinson's 2017 film Good Time. "I am here to promote Good Time," he joked.

"I love that your segment's turning to all about Robert Pattinson," said Fallon. The Set It Up actor responded, "That's why I came here. What? I'm gonna promote a movie I'm in for ten seconds? Which is great by the way. It's amazing."

Davidson then circled back to Good Time and said that he brought a clip from the film to play on the show. After explaining the scene, Fallon interrupted, "Wait, you're really showing a clip from his movie?"

"I'm serious. Yeah," responded Davidson.

"This is already out on DVD, buddy. You can stream it," said Fallon.

Following the clip, Davidson applauded and said, "I wish we could show more." He then revealed that he's seen the film 30 times and showed off his shirt, which had Pattinson and Benny Safdie's characters on it.

While trying to discuss Davidson's time on SNL, Fallon noticed his new tattoo of a black bunny ear mask that resembles the accessory worn by Grande on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album. After Fallon noted that he saw it on the news, Davidson said, "Yeah, I did too apparently." He then cursed again when stating that his new tattoo should not be news.

"You know you can't say that word on television," said Fallon.

"Hey man, you asked me to be on here," he said. "I don't do these things very much. This is why."

"You know the rules of television," said Fallon. When Davidson said he didn't, Fallon responded that he works on SNL.

"I could get fired from there. I can't get fired from your show," replied Davidson. Fallon then pretended to fire his guest.

"This is my first and last Tonight Show appearance," said Davidson. "Fine, I'll go on Seth." He added that he has Seth Meyers' phone number, to which Fallon responded, "It's all right. I'll call Ariana."

"I'm forever known as her plus-one," said Davidson.

Watch the full interview above.