Pete Davidson Proposes to Latest 'SNL' Musical Guest in New Promo

Saturday Night Live-Screengrab-H 2018

Pete Davidson may have split with Ariana Grande just a few weeks ago, but in Saturday Night Live's latest promo, the castmember makes light of his recent breakup.

In the new spot, Davidson appears with this Saturday's guest host, Jonah Hill, and musical guest Maggie Rogers. "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?" Davidson asks Rogers as soon as Hill introduces her. When she rejects him, he mutters, "Zero for three."

Davidson initially met Ariana Grande while she was guest-hosting (and performing as a musical guest) on SNL in 2016. They officially began dating in May of this year, and were engaged before June 2.

The NBC late-night sketch show repeatedly made light of Davidson's newfound fame as Grande's boyfriend and fiance during the engagement, staging a skit in which fellow castmember Kyle Mooney became jealous of Davidson's newfound popularity around the office and another in which Davidson appeared on "Weekend Update" as himself to discuss the engagement.

Shortly after the promo was released, Grande tweeted cryptically, "for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh."

Also during the spot, Hill promotes his new film Mid90s and makes a joke about his age. "It was, like, pretty nostalgic for you?" he asks Davidson about the movie.

"No, cuz I was born in the mid-'90s," Davidson responds.

"Same here," Rogers adds.

"Oh yeah, me too," Hill says sheepishly. Watch the full spot, below.