'Peter Pan Live!' Draws Twitter Love Despite Potential for "Hate-Watching"

Peter Pan Live H 2014
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Peter Pan Live H 2014

Peter Pan Live! may have attracted only half the audience that NBC's first live musical production, The Sound of Music Live!, did last year, but the TV event was flying high online.

There were more than 474,000 tweets about the three-hour production in the hours before, during and after it aired, according to Nielsen Social. That's 25,000 more than the over 449,000 tweets sent in the same period for Sound of Music.

Although Allison Williams, who starred as the title character, acknowledged that some people would hate-watch the show, the sentiment on Twitter was largely positive.

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According to social analytics from Canvs, powered by Mashwork, 41 percent of the emotional reactions about Peter Pan on Twitter expressed "love" for the show and only 12 percent expressed "hate." But it appears that audiences enjoyed hate-watching Peter Pan more than Sound of Music. That event was received slightly more positively, with 48 percent of tweets expressing "love" and 10 percent expressing some form of hate.

The character who incited the most tweets was Christopher Walken's Captain Hook. He was mentioned in 11 percent of posts, according to Canvs. The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, with 53 percent of tweets registering as "love."

Williams' Peter Pan was more controversial but still largely well received. Of the tweets that mentioned Williams, only 7 percent registered as "hate" toward her. Her most negative attribute was the British accent she used throughout the show.

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Despite the positive reaction to Williams' performance, the Girls actress wasn't the draw that country music star Carrie Underwood was during Sound of Music last year. She was mentioned just 8,777 times compared to the nearly 67,000 tweets about Underwood.

Other top characters included Wendy, who received 3.4 percent of reactions, and The Lost Boys, who were collectively mentioned in 3 percent of tweets.

The biggest moment of the night came when Walken tap-danced. That number generated about 16,600 total tweets and was the most loved of the night.

According to Canvs, the craziest moment of the night game when Walken held one high note between commercial breaks. Meanwhile, the most hated moment came during the fight scene between Peter and Hook.

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Canvs, which was developed by social media insights firm Mashwork, analyzes tweets captured by Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the three hours before, during and the three hours after an episode's initial broadcast, local time.