'Peter Pan Live': Hollywood Reacts to NBC's Live Musical

Admitted Zach Braff: "I want Allison Williams as a boy to take my gay virginity"
'Peter Pan Live!'

Looks like Allison Williams was right: it is hard to hate-watch Peter Pan Live! on NBC.

The live musical — also starring Christopher Walken, Christian Borle, Kelli O'Hara and Minnie Driver — had Hollywood happily intrigued by tap-dancing, wire-flying and sword-fighting on Thursday night. Zach Braff pointed out how attractive Williams is as a teenage boy, and KTLA's Sam Rubin couldn't help but point out the Girls' star's stellar set of teeth. (Probably because of that very stark tan.)

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While a handful of celebrities who work/worked for NBC in some capacity applauded the broadcast — and DiGiorno Pizza stood out once again as a fun viewing companion — Josh Groban brought the Neverland-set musical back down to earth with a reminder that protests don't stop for televised musicals, and Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson published a few comments like "Yo what the f— is this?" and "This shit makes me want to grow up" from his makeup chair before rehearsal, but later deleted the remarks.

See how Hollywood reacted to the airing of the NBC musical: