Phoebe Waller-Bridge Talks Revisiting 'Fleabag' at 50, 'SNL' Preparedness With Seth Meyers

Fresh from her multiple Emmy wins this month, including best writing and acting for Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge stopped into the Late Night stage Tuesday to chat with host Seth Meyers about writing deadlines, her upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and the possible future of Fleabag.

"You've had a wonderful week," Meyers said, greeting his guest. He then recalled how, when Bill Hader asked her how she was feeling at the Emmys, after she had won, her response was, "I am very well." The two laughed at the British phrasing, breaking the ice for the rest of the interview.

On the topic of writing, Meyers shared that when he was young, he thought writing was a very glamorous endeavor, something you would partake in with a glass of whiskey in hand. He then referenced a photo of Waller-Bridge on the way to the Emmys with her laptop, literally finishing a script. "We got the deadline as we were pulling in," she laughed. Meyers quipped, "Even on the night of the Emmys, [people were like] 'where is the script, Phoebe?'"

Speaking about the character of Fleabag, Waller-Bridge said she might like to revisit her when she's 50 years old as it would be interesting to see her at a later stage of life. "I feel like she would have had more life then, and God knows what she would have got up to. And, actually, seeing a character like that in a later stage of life I think is exciting. But for now, she has been through enough! We gotta let her go!"

Having recently performed Fleabag onstage in London, Waller-Bridge said, "It was the first time I felt the end so palpably." She added, "I've been playing the character on and off for six years. And in the last four lines of the play, I actually felt her leave me."

On her upcoming SNL gig this weekend, Meyers asked his guest if she ever saw the show in England — but she didn't, as it never aired in the U.K. As a result of not seeing it, she didn't know [until recently] what was really involved — Meyers clued her in to the fast-paced nature of it all. "We just thought it was a sketch show that you have time to prepare for," she said with a laugh. 

Earlier this month, the writer and actress signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios to develop new projects for the streamer.