Piers Morgan Clashes with Gun Advocates on CNN (Video)

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Morgan's ratings are up 11 percent this quarter.

Piers Morgan got into a fiery dispute with gun advocates in a broadcast of Piers Morgan Tonight devoted to Friday's mass-shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, making for riveting TV.

The talk show host grew irate and spoke frequently over his guests, gun advocate and author John Lott and Steve Dulan from the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners. Both argued that the only way to curb gun violence in the U.S. is for restrictions towards gun ownership being loosened, not tightened.

Friday's rampage, which took 27 lives -- 20 of which were small children -- came less than 24 hours after Michigan lawmakers passed litigation that would allow people with concealed pistol licenses to carry those weapons into schools and other once-forbidden places.

Morgan grew increasingly flustered and incensed as the conversation continued, at one point shouting at Lott, "Stop telling me the answer is more guns, it is not the answer!… So you want more guns, not less. 300 million guns in America is not enough for you. How many kids have to die before you guys say, ‘We want less guns, not more?’”

The segment -- which also featured Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York, both advocates for gun control -- ended with Morgan telling his two pro-gun guests that the time had come for them to change their thinking.