Piers Morgan's Interview with Robert Blake Turns Volatile as Star Lashes Out (Video)

Robert Blake on Piers Morgan - H 2012

Robert Blake on Piers Morgan - H 2012

Robert Blake made a rare television appearance Wednesday, and it quickly became apparent why he subjects himself to interviews so sparingly: he doesn't like the inevitable questions that he'll be asked.

The longtime TV actor and Oscar nominee quickly rebuffed any questions from Piers Morgan about the 2001 shooting death of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely, and accused the host of calling him a liar. When Morgan, who remained calm if tense throughout the exchange, denied that he had done so, Blake retorted, "But you say you don't know if I'm telling the truth, what the hell's the difference?"

Blake worked to turn the focus of the conversation to his new book, and his long career in Hollywood, bristling at Morgan's attempts to refocus on Bakely. When Morgan said that Bakely's death was the most significant moment in Blake's life, he retorted that it wasn't near the top; instead, finding an audience at two years old, and then starring in his first movie, were his most important milestones.

Ultimately, Blake shared some unkind words about his late wife, calling her a con artist who moved to Hollywood to trick her way into show business. He had married her just six months prior to her death, when she became pregnant with his daughter, and said that he did not know her well enough to love her.

"Bonnie had people that she burned. How bad I don’t know. Did she steal everything from them? We’ll leave that alone. But nobody really knew where Bonnie was," he said. "She had 15 ID cards. She had 15 credit cards. She had different places where she lived and nobody could ever find her if they were looking for her.

“But one day somebody opened the paper and saw that Bonnie just married Robert Blake and where does Robert Blake live," he continued. "And what a couple of weeks later she was dead. I want you to chew on that for a bit.”