'Political Animals' Star James Wolk Previews Climactic Finale and a Hasty Life Decision (Video)

Get ready to say goodbye to the Hammond family as USA Network's venture into prestige programming, Poltiical Animals, readies its final episode of the season.

For the straightlaced 30-year-old son and Secretary of State Elaine Barrish's (Sigourney Weaver) chief of staff Douglas (James Wolk), Sunday's episode marks a pivotal moment in his political and personal life. Not only will his sexual indiscretion with journalist Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) one episode ago rear its ugly head, the pair's close relationship will affect everything he and his mother have worked for politically.

It's no surprise then that when Wolk, formerly of Fox's shortlived Lone Star, dropped by The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge he referred to his alter-ego as "confused" and "uneasy."

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"He seems to have everything going together but really it's far from the truth," Wolk told THR. "There's a lot about him that's confused and uneasy. That's what came out in the plane [with Susan]."

Though there "was a connection between them," ultimately, Douglas "is utterly confused about what that was" and the finale will see the normally buttoned-up man make a hasty decision that could affect the rest of his life with fiancee Anne (Brittany Ishibashi).

"It'll be interesting to watch him in the finale, now that we're dealing with the aftermath of that event. There was this explosion, now what's going to happen to Doug?," previewed Wolk, who has watched the episodes as they air and even tuned in minutes after his niece was born.

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Compared to Weaver, Wolk is a television veteran, having toplined a network TV show and made appearances on several others: ABC's Happy Endings, Showtime's Shameless. While there are no active conversations about Wolk reprising his roles on Endings or Shameless, he called acting alongside her like "going to Yale graduate school for drama."

Even so, there is a climactic moment between mother and son in the finale that will leave viewers reeling. Wolk called that particular experience with Weaver "pure."

"[Doug] feels very stuck in his role in his family that he often looked to Anne as an escape from that. He's got mud up to his waist and he's just trying to find a way out of that," said Wolk.

Watch the interview above and check back Sunday night for more on the future of Political Animals.

Political Animals' season finale airs 10 p.m. Sunday on USA.

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