'Political Animals' Star James Wolk Talks Show's Future (Video)

Now that USA's Political Animals has ended its six-episode run, the question becomes: Will it return?

While the season finale, averaging 2.3 million viewers Sunday night, nearly matched the ratings high posted for the debut of the heavily-promoted "limited series event," there has been no official indication that the Sigourney Weavver-led Political Animals will go the way of past USA minis-to-series like The Starter Wife (2007-08) and The 4400 (2004-07).

When asked about the possibility of Political Animals continuing beyond six episodes, actor James Wolk (aka Douglas Hammond) noted that the finale served two purposes.

VIDEO: 'Political Animals' Star James Wolk on Climactic Finale

"As the audience will find, the six episodes will wrap up in a way that I think everyone, in one respect, will feel very fulfilled. And in another respect, perhaps wanting more," Wolk said in The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge.

"The more part of that is that there are so many places that all these people still have to go, there's so much left that they have to do and want to do," he added. "Some are very obvious career, professional, aspirational things for [Douglas' mother] Elaine (Sigourney Weaver). Others are more personal journeys."

Either way it goes, the joy of television is the endless possibilities of the next chapter in any story.

"It'll be fun for the audience, regardless, just to question in their mind where it's going to go," he said.

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