'Political Animals': Sebastian Stan and James Wolk on Playing Sigourney Weaver's Sons (Video)

Sebastian Stan and James Wolk co-star as twin brothers with vastly different personalities in USA's Political Animals: the former is T.J., a charming-yet-volatile wannabe nightclub owner struggling with addiction; the latter plays Douglas, the responsible-yet-self-righteous chief of staff for his mother Elaine (Sigourney Weaver), a Hillary Clinton-style Secretary of State.

"He's got a real hero complex," Wolk tells THR of his character. "He wants to fix everything. Fix his family and fix his brother and he's so set on doing so that it can take him down some not-so-good roads."

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Meanwhile, loose cannon T.J, is "an emotional mess that is desperately trying to find a way to communicate to his parents," Stan says, adding: "You never know when he's gonna sort of spiral any which way."

Stan, whose TV credits include Gossip Girl, Once Upon a Time and Kings, exudes a manic energy that verges on unsettling as his character, who's openly gay, flirts with danger while snorting coke during a political family function gone awry.

Wolk (Happy Endings, Shameless) calls Political Animals, which premieres Sunday and departs from typical USA programming with uncharacteristically racy sex scenes, "exciting and fresh and really honest and raw. I mean, you're looking at what you see in the press and the news every day but now you're getting to ... see a very raw view of what happens behind closed doors."

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Off camera, "We hate each other," Wolk jokes, to which Stan adds: "It's just such a problem."

Watch THR's interview above.