'Portlandia' Brings Back 'Dream of the '90s' for Another Century (Video)

The most trafficked clip from the first season gets a Victorian twist during Friday's episode.

Portlandia rose to viral prominence in its first season thanks in large part to "Dream of the '90s."

The music video, an introduction to the laid back lifestyle of the titular town, gained a lot of traction on YouTube in the run up to the series premiere. Now, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have already updated the tune with "Dream of the 1890s."

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Those who have caught Portlandia's current live tour have already seen the clip, which musically skewers the old timey artisans among the town's hipster sect. The clip officially debuts during the Friday episode and follows a bearded Armisen as he navigates Portland's mustache twirlers, beer brewers and meat curers.

Portlandia recently saw a double-digit jump over its season premiere. It also topped all original primetime shows on cable in playback growth.

Watch the clip below: