TV Trailer Watch: 'Pose' Moves Into the '90s in Season 2

Pose S02E01 Still - Publicity - H 2019
Macall Polay/FX

Despite being Golden Globe-nominated and an Emmy contender going in to its second season, FX's vibrant period drama Pose is not among the most talked-about dramas on cable. That shouldn't be the case, as the trailer for the upcoming new season clearly showcases. Pose is uniquely positioned for success in 2019 with an inclusive cast, historical setting and LGBTQ-driven creative team and cast that sets it apart from from its peers.

From the minds of Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Feud), Brad Falchuk (American Horror Story, Feud) and Steven Canals (Afuera), the drama's first season centered on the intersection of the different communities that live in New York in the 1980s, with a focus on the queer ball culture that thrived at the time. Based around the subculture created by the black and Latinx LGBTQ community, the show opens up the lesser-known tradition of "walks" in which people vogue, dance and compete for prizes, fame and notoriety.

Like any underground community, the space also created a surrogate family for the young people who were a part of it. Pose inhabits that space, too, offering up a different view on an often revisited era of New York whilst also giving context to the time with arcs about the rise of yuppie culture and the burgeoning radical literary scene of the age. The show is also dedicated to real inclusion onscreen and off with a core cast of trans actors and activists including Indya Moore, Mj Rodriguez, Angelica Ross and Dominique Jackson, making Pose unique on television. It also broke new ground when Janet Mock became the first trans woman of color to write, direct and produce a primetime television show.

The trailer for the second season of Pose heads into the '90s as well as introducing the uninitiated to the "houses" which are run as surrogate homes for the young queer community. It also looks like the series will be dealing with the ever-growing AIDS crisis as Billy Porter's Pray Tell references "The Plague" and Blanca (Rodriguez) opens up about her own HIV diagnosis. The importance of highlighting the epidemic means that Murphy and co. will also be exploring the origins of the grassroots direct action organization Act Up who came out of New York in reaction to the crisis.

The striking black-and-white of the trailer is a juxtaposition to the vibrant color palette of the first season, likely signifying a shift in style and tone. It also fits with the one-year jump to 1990 that pushes Pose into the era of Madonna and her hit song Vogue, which put the underground world of ball culture in the spotlight. 

With a critically acclaimed first season and ever-blossoming hype for the second, it looks like FX and the creators of Pose might finally get their due for this groundbreaking cult hit when the new entry bows June 11, especially as it's Emmy season once again and Pose's season one aired just a couple of days after the consideration window closed, leading to many fans thinking the show was snubbed.