President Obama, First Lady Smooch on Arena Kiss Cam (Video)

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Kiss Cam Inset - H 2012
Getty Images

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Kiss Cam Inset - H 2012

There's a scene in the upcoming dramedy Celeste and Jesse Forever in which a crying Rashida Jones asks, "Do you think the Obamas really love each other?"

Had she been watching ESPN on Monday, all her doubts would have been erased.

Sitting courtside to take in a pre-Olympics hoops game between Team USA and Brazil, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama earned the attention of the Kiss Cam on the scoreboard. While the President has been on the stump, campaigning across the country as late, the unplanned attention may have unsettled him a bit; instead of a kiss, the crowd got a wave.

As such, the crowd booed. And like any good politicians, he listened to the feedback, pivoted and adjusted his policy. The next time the Kiss Cam put them on, there was a First Smooch for the whole arena, and world, to see.

The USA won the game, by the way, 80-69.