President Obama on 'Jimmy Fallon': Slow Jammin' the News, Talking College and Energy (Video)

The President highlighted his plans for college students and spoke about his life in the White House in his first appearance on the show.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Maybe President Obama should slow jam all of his policy speeches; no one in Congress ever calls him the POTUS with the Mostest or the Barack Ness Monster, but he got all that and more during his guest spot on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The President appeared from behind a curtain during the special episode taping at the University of North Carolina to address the young crowd, urging Congress to act on impending Stafford Loan rate increases -- backed by slow blues and with verses interjected by host Jimmy Fallon and backing band The Roots.

"On July 1 of this year, the interest rates on Stafford Student Loans, the same loans that many of you use to pay for college, are set to double. That means some hard working students will be paying about $1000 extra just to get their education," Obama said.

Then Fallon chimed in, adding, "Aww yeah. You should listen to the President. Or as I like to call him, the Preezy of the United Steezy. Things are heating up inside Congress's chambers behind all those closed doors, so the President made some discreet calls across the aisle. He said hey, let's get together on this one. Without an affordable Stafford Loan, where can a student turn? The Pell Grant is a beautiful thing, but with college getting more expensive, is it enough to by itself to satisfy all your collegiate needs? Aww Pell no."

The first verse kicker? Tariq Trotter offering, "If the Congress doesn't act it's the students who pay, the right and left should get together like Kim and Kanye."

After the music stopped, the President sat down for a light-hearted chat with the Late Night host, which included talk about being outnumbered by women in the White House (he and dog Bo sometimes go to their man cave for beer), basketball (Obama loves the Bulls, and had chosen UNC to win the NCAA tournament) and whether he actually watches Fallon's show (yes, he said with a smile).

Not even the President is immune to YouTube fun -- he's sent "kitty cats and dancing bears," and likes the impression of him done by the comedy duo Key and Peele. 

Watch the entire, five-part interview below.