President Obama and Mitt Romney Groove in Auto-Tuned Presidential Debate (Video)

Wednesday night's event gets a redux from The Gregory Brothers, the team behind the hit "Bed Intruder Song."
Getty Images

Talk of broadening the tax base has never sounded so sexy.

Wednesday night’s presidential debate has officially gotten a musical facelift, courtesy of Auto-Tune the News experts The Gregory Brothers, who were behind the popular “The Bed Intruder Song” two years ago.

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The debate’s greatest hits, including references to Big Bird and Donald Trump make appearances—though moderator Jim Lehrer has been replaced by a young man who commands the room in a way some observers probably wished the PBS veteran had.

“Debates are better as musicals,” the moderator sings in the video, which features both candidates nodding to the beat and looking pretty cool.

Watch the video below.