President Obama Sings Along With Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" on 'Tonight Show'

Tuesday wasn't a great day for the president, but he'll always have T-Swift
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President Obama and the Democrats could probably use a little Taylor Swift-style wisdom right about now, as they do their best to shake off Tuesday's midterm elections. 

During his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon lined up part of Obama's Sunday speech with the chorus from "Shake It Off" to make it sound like the commander in chief is singing backup vocals on the hit song.

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Obama really does appear to be helping the pop star out, as the segment uses a part of his speech where he repeated the word "vote" numerous times in an effort to galvanize his supporters. 

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As it turned out, T-Swift is having a much better week than the Democratic party is. Her new album 1989 notched the biggest sales week of the last 12 years, whereas the Dems lost the Senate to the Republicans. 

Watch the video below to see if Obama just might want to consider a career in the recording industry when it comes time for him to seek a new day job in 2016.

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