'Pretty Little Liars': 10 Spoilers on the Game-Changing Midseason Finale, Halloween Special and What's Next

Pretty Little Liars - Midseason Finale - 2011
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A's game may be ramping up as the midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars nears, but what about that special Halloween episode, airing Oct. 19?

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news in June that the ABC Family series was filming the themed episode, but executive producer Oliver Goldstick was tight-lipped on the actual details of the story and plot points. On a Pretty Little Liars set visit on the Warner Bros. lot Monday, the cast members revealed some key storylines to tie viewers over until the episode -- set before Alison's untimely (or timely) death -- airs, but most importantly, what's to come in the game-changing midseason finale and when the drama returns in January for the second half of its season.

Here are 10 things to keep an eye out for:

[Warning: Spoilers after the break.]

  • Spencer and Toby Are in Danger: "Spencer and Toby's relationship over this season has only been growing and deepening .. and 'A' zones in on that as her Achilles heel and goes right for it in a brutal, brutal way," Troian Bellisario said of the midseason finale.
  • The Group Doesn't Stay Put: Lucy Hale revealed that the midseason finale ends with the girls being questioned by police and the winter premiere in 2012 takes place moments after -- but things aren't status quo. "There's a change in dynamic between the four of them," Hale says. "You get to see them where there's almost against each other, which we've never really seen. You go on to learn why they're acting that way." Ashley Benson agreed: "The second half, we're a little bit separated for a bit."
  • The First Person to Reveal "A" to a Third Party Is ..: "Emily is the first one to crack," Shay Mitchell revealed. "Do you blame her from all the past couple of episodes? She does come clean about a few things to Dr. Sullivan." Bellisario added: "It turns out to be a good thing because Emily's bravery in comng clean leads the girls to a whole new level of closeness. It inspires them to maybe do that themselves. It's a brave action." "They're at their breaking point, they're tired, they're exhausted. They want this chapter to end," Hale elaborated. "It seems like for a while that everything's going to end. Life is going to go on and it doesn't, of course. Things completely backfire."
  • Ezra and Aria Coming Clean for Real?: "The task that Aria has to complete," Hale shares of her character's journey in the midseason finale, "deals with Ezra. In the finale, you think there's someone in their life that is threatening to expose them so there's the idea lurking that they could be outed for real this time -- in front of her parents." But Ezra's ex Jackie will play a big role in the second half of the season, Ian Harding teased. "I've seen Paloma [Guzman] on-set quite a bit quite a bit," he said coyly. "She is here." "A few people know [about Ezra and Aria], but maybe not the most important," Harding, who added that Ezra will stand up for his beliefs more, said moments later.
  • Lucas' Dark Side Comes Out: The Halloween episode will have some familiar faces back in far different capacities. "That episode is completely a prequel to the pilot, so Alison is alive .. and Halloween, of course, is her favorite holiday, so we're going to see how Alison torments Lucas and the rest of Rosewood," Brendan Robinson says. "We'll get a lot more information about why somebody might have killed her." Could Lucas rise to the top of the list of "A" suspects? Robinson says viewers will see "how Lucas reacted to" Alison's torment and his "response to it is going to definitely entertain some questions about Lucas' character."
  • Halloween: The New Origin Story: Though Caleb will not play a part in the prequel episode, Harding said that his character Ian "does play a part," though he wouldn't elaborate further. Hale noted that the episode will introduce viewers to the moment Alison chooses the four girls to make up her posse, with Mitchell sharing that Emily's fondness for Alison will be revealed.
  • A Love Triangle Looms: Robinson revealed that Lucas, who returns in January, isn't out of the picture yet with Hanna -- and the Halloween episode plays a big role. "In January, when we come back, Lucas is going to have a pretty heavy storyline that may or may not involve Hanna. That's actually going to develop in our Halloween special," he revealed. Though he wouldn't give away specifics about Lucas' role in the holiday episode, he admitted that "it's different from anything that we have ever seen from Lucas before." Tyler Blackburn, who returns in the midseason finale as Caleb after his character going to California to see his estranged mother, who will remain unseen for the time being. "He definitely comes back with a different attitude towards it all," he says. But with Lucas just around the corner, is he worried about the competition? "Lucas has always had a huge crush on Hanna and although he understands her connection with Caleb, it's hard for him," Blackburn says. "It doesn't ruffle too many feathers; it's a small storyline." Benson added: "I think there is always going to be a possibility of a love triangle, but for now, Caleb and Hanna are going to be an item. There is always Lucas, Lucas is always going to be in the background."
  • The Boys Get in on the "A" Action: "It'd be awesome if he helped them solve the mystery of who 'A' is," Blackburn says. "That would involve them telling him details so I don't know if that'll happen." Though the cast is unaware of the identity of "A," Harding had his own theories. "I feel like it could be a group of people. I don't know who is this brilliant to just be in every place at one time," he explained. "If it's one student, look at the kid that's failing out because he's obviously not doing homework."
  • More Mysteries on the Horizon: "There are some secrets that I've been told that the rest of the cast doesn't know about," Robinson shared, adding that this particular one that he is speaking to is mystery-related. "One of them is going to be revealed in the next episode [that we're shooting], which is the third episode of the second half."
  • Getting the Directing Bug: Chad Lowe shared that he will direct episode 2x23 of Pretty Little Liars and another episode of Bones in January.

The midseason finale airs Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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