'Pretty Little Liars': 5 Most Shocking Moments From the Season 5 Winter Premiere

As usual, the Liars have taken crime-solving into their own hands
ABC Family/Eric McCandless
'Pretty Little Liars' season five premiere

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's season five winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars.]

As the girls dealt with the fallout from Mona's death during the season-five winter premiere of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, one Rosewood resident ended up behind bars, while another suffered a painful breakup.

Here are the five most memorable moments from "Through a Glass, Darkly," which involved an orange jumpsuit, a whistle and a staple gun.

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5. Mona's mom slaps Ali

There have been no shortage of slaps on the show over the years, but this time it was one of the moms getting in on the fun. With the Liars attending Mona's body-free funeral, Mona's mom gave Ali an open-palmed hello across the face, as everyone blamed Ali for Mona's death. 

4. Paige and Emily break up

Paige is California-bound, and by the time she got to the airport, she actually didn't seem particularly upset about leaving. Emily tried to convince Paige that Rosewood is safe, now that Alison is behind bars, but Paige told her she's tired of fighting, and the two say goodbye.

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3. Mike finally mourns Mona's death

When Aria wasn't blowing whistles in people's faces, she was actually providing some comfort. After Ezra encouraged Mike to grieve Mona's loss, Aria finally helped Mike come to terms with what Mona meant to him and the fact that he had strong feelings for her, even if she wasn't as "nice" as people are saying.

2. Aria gets attacked

After finding out she didn't get into Oberlin, Aria was looking for Mike when she got ambushed by someone who appears to be "A." The mysterious villain almost suffocated Aria to death with a plastic tarp before managing to swipe Mona's encrypted computer. 

1. Ali is arrested

After Spencer begged Jason to stop lying for Alison, he watched the hidden-camera footage of Mona's murder and then told police that Ali wasn't with him and Mr. DiLaurentis on the night Mona died. This led to Ali getting hauled off to the gray-bar hotel, and by the end of the episode, cops suspected Ali killed Bethany as well, meaning Spencer was off the hook. However, an elaborate fireworks display suggests that Ali might not be "A" after all. In fact, the fireworks might have been the most festive "A" threat ever.

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