'Pretty Little Liars': New 'A' Team Member Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Lady Killer Finale - H 2012
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Pretty Little Liars Lady Killer Finale - H 2012

It's all led up to this on Pretty Little Liars: Who betrayed Rosewood?

After numerous twists and turns (but we expected this, didn't we?), the resident pulling one over everyone ended up being …

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]


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For the past several episodes, Pretty Little Liars painted Emily's lover Paige as the culprit, but we all know it's not as simple as that. Diversion tactic, sure. The truth, not so. It was a blindside, as earlier in the episode Spencer finally consummated her relationship with Toby in what looked to be a lovely and beautiful moment between two people in love. Little did she know ...

There were other jaw-dorpping moments during the episode, including the climactic moment when Emily fought for her life in the lighthouse in the dead of night after realizing Maya's cousin Nate was jealous of her close friendship with Paige. It was a killer fight, and what comes of it -- Emily stabbing Nate in the abdomen, seeing him to his death -- changes the game forever. But that's not all.

Caleb runs up to the lighthouse and while he's consoling a hysterical Emily, BANG!

It's revealed in the next act break that Caleb was shot in the abdomen and Hanna breaks down when she sees him carted away in an ambulance. Thankfully, Emily's fine -- as A-OK as she can be.

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It's safe to say: Rosewood is about to go through the ringer -- again.

In other news, Ezra finally comes face-to-face with Maggie, who was pregnant with his child several years ago. Little does he know that Aria and Maggie have previously met. Also, Maggie drops a bomb to Aria: "I'm not the only one here with a secret, Amy." Hmm. And yes, Garrett's free.

During the premiere telecast, show-related trending topics on Twitter included: "Toby Is A," "Not Caleb," "Poor Spencer" and "Pretty Little Liars."

Actress Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer, took to Twitter to warn Pretty Little Liars fans of the events to come on Tuesday's summer finale: "Warning! you WILL throw something at your TV tonight-just make sure it's not hard and you break ur screen. Then how will you watch more." Keegan Allen, who plays the guilty party Toby, was succinct minutes after the episode aired on the east coast: "Say it isn't so. #betrAyal."

What happened during those few seconds in the lighthouse? How did Caleb get shot? Are you surprised by the identity of the betrayer? How does this new development affect things moving forward? Sound off below.

Don't forget, Pretty Dirty Secrets web series debuts tonight.

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