Will 'Pretty Little Liars' End After Season 7? Star Ian Harding Weighs In

Pretty Little Liars Cast Teen Choice Awards - H Getty 2016
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Pretty Little Liars may have a game plan ready to end the series, but they still aren’t sure if they’re ready to use it after season seven.
“I have heard they are going to wrap up this season as though it were it, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the end,” star Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve heard rumors batting around of if it’s done or not done, but no one has come to me and said, ‘Ian, you’re totally done.’ I’m planning ahead accordingly just in case.”
The Freeform drama’s creator I. Marlene King has touted season seven as “the beginning of the end," but Harding notes that there are no signs of full-on goodbyes on set yet. However, the stars still have the second half of season seven to film over the next few months. (The midseason finale airs on Aug. 30, and the back half will pick up in early 2017.)
“It feels kind of like senior year of college, where people are clearly excited and grateful for their time. People are excited for maybe something different, but are simultaneously grateful and aware of the luck and absolute motherload we hit with this show,” Harding explains. “There’s nobody on the show who despises each other. It feels like we have our separate lives that we’ve cultivated and we get to come and do this show. It can be trying at times, but we know that we live in a bubble. We’re kind of waiting to see if we get our diploma at the end of the year, but until then, we’re just enjoying it.”
If Pretty Little Liars does end after season seven, Harding would either love for it to “all be a dream” and for the camera to pan to him and co-star Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) “in prosthetic makeup, a la the end of Harry Potter, so we look really old with kids and all that.” But if it’s not about Aria being crazy at Radley and dreaming up the whole thing, he wants a more violent end.
“Maybe something horrible happens and we don’t know what happens to the girls, like they all drive off a cliff. And then the camera pans out and I’m laughing maniacally,” he suggests with a laugh. “I think it would be fun if we found out Ezra was behind it the whole time.”
PLL is known for having many twists and turns, so Harding also isn’t ruling out a surprise comeback whenever the show ends.
“We could also just turn around and surprise everyone," he says. "Everyone is mourning the loss of the show and then boom, next June, season eight — we’re all mid-40s or something.”
Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.