'Pretty Little Liars' Creator, Star on Finale's "Dead People," "Absolute Closure" in "A" Reveal

Marlene King and Shay Mitchell tell THR that the episode will provide "every single answer" and set up the show's five-year time jump.
ABC Family
A still from Tuesday's season-six 'Pretty Little Liars' summer finale

It's all come down to this on Pretty Little Liars.

After years of plot twists and red herrings (and red coats), not to mention wigs galore, the ABC Family drama will reveal the answers to all of its biggest mysteries in Tuesday's season-six summer finale, including the identity of the nefarious "A."

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This season has focused on the aftermath of the Liars' time in Charles' lair, as the girls have grappled with flashbacks while preparing to graduate from Rosewood High. In last week's pivotal episode, they tracked down Charles at prom, where he finally unmasked himself to Ali (Sasha Pieterse). 

PLL creator Marlene King and star Shay Mitchell sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to shed light on the finale, which picks up immediately after last week's prom shocker. "The Pretty Little Liars are still at prom, and we go from there, like a speeding train," King says.

Mitchell assures fans that the episode will offer "every single answer," including the identities of Charles, Red Coat and Black Widow, along with who hit Alison and Bethany. The actress also doesn't want any possibly jaded viewers to worry that the events in this week's finale will soon be negated by later episodes: "Fans are going to get their answers, for once and for all, and this isn't a fake. We are serious: You are going to see who ['A'] is."

This being PLL, of course, the episode will still have a cliffhanger, but the girls will see "absolute closure" in the "A" saga — perhaps in more ways than one. "You see dead people in the finale," King says cryptically. She adds that the Charles reveal will explain how he has a "personal connection" to each of the girls.

Viewers will also learn what the future holds for Emily's romance with season-six newbie Sara Harvey (Dre Davis), which has been a bit polarizing for viewers, particularly those who still hold out hope for more Emison sparks. "I know there's some people that are [in favor of Emily and Sara's romance] and some people that are against it because they always want her to be with Alison," Mitchell admits. "[Emison will] always have their special connection."

When the series resumes its sixth season in 2016, five years will have elapsed in the characters' lives, and big changes will have taken place in their relationships with each other. 

"A lot can happen in five years to each of those girls," Mitchell says. "[The Liars] may not be together-together the entire time." That said, King promises that one person who won't be dropping by anyone's college dorms in that time span is "A": "During those five years, they are living a completely 'A'-free life."

It's safe to say that every male character on the show has been the subject of theories as to why he might be Charles, and King confirms that she has heard the recent rumor making the rounds on Reddit that Wren (Julian Morris) is the show's evil mastermind. "I love that rumor, that's all I'll say — I love Wren," King demurs. 

That said, the showrunner points out that "lots of people" have correctly guessed A's identity, but she notes that the audience will still be taken aback to learn A's motives for living a life devoted to stalking. "The 'who' has been guessed, but the 'how' and 'why'? Not so much," she says.

Pretty Little Liars' season-six finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. Let us know your pick for Charles in the comments!

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