'Pretty Little Liars' Exec Producer Says the Liars Could Be Digging That Grave for Hanna

Charlie Craig tells THR when the person in the grave will be revealed and hints at Elliott and Mary being “A.D.”
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'Pretty Little Liars'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season-seven premiere of Pretty Little Liars, "Tick-Tock, Bitches."]

Pretty Little Liars could be short one Liar by midseason.

Executive producer Charlie Craig tells The Hollywood Reporter that Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) picking up recently escaped kidnapping victim Hanna (Ashley Benson) on the side of the road in the season-seven premiere wasn’t necessarily to save her. In fact, it could be the opposite.

“There is the possibility that they are digging that grave for Hanna,” Craig teases of season seven’s opening scene, which shows Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) crying while burying an unknown person.

Below, Craig hints at Elliott (Huw Collins) and Mary potentially being “A.D.” and how their split motives will cause “divisions” this season — plus, just how soon the person in the grave will be revealed.

Are the masks going to be something we should look out for this season?

That’s a worthy concern because you never know who is wearing one, but I can tell you not everyone is in a mask. I would say for season seven, everything you’ve seen in the past has to be something you look out for.

Mary Drake seemingly saves Hanna, but can she be trusted, or does she have another motive?

We know from the end of last season that Mary and Elliott were — at least at that point — working together. It’s safe to say that Mary is a figure who you aren’t always sure whether she’s telling the truth or not. She plays a really vital role in this season and there are going to be times where she’s trusted and times where she’s not. She’s definitely — at the moment, because of her connection to Elliott — suspect. That wasn’t a relief that Mary is in the car; that’s something for us to be concerned about.

Is Mary saving Hanna?

I don’t think we can say she’s saving Hanna. We love that we started with that grave being dug by the three girls and you didn’t see Hanna there, and that is still in the future right now. There is the possibility that they are digging that grave for Hanna. Having seen her just being picked up by Mary Drake, the possibility that that’s who the grave is being dug for is out there. I would not say being picked up by Mary should be read as she’s being saved.

We only have a four-day jump between now and the digging of that grave. Will that mystery last throughout season seven?

No. We will find out in the first half of the season, season 7A. We will see who that grave is being dug for. We will catch up with that moment — sooner rather than later, actually.

Mary is seen yelling at Elliott in the promo. Are they operating on the same team, or does he have his own agenda with Ali?

They have an agenda, but there is also a division developing between them, which gives us two different people to think and worry about. It is possible that maybe together they are “A.D.” or working for “A.D.” which is the same as Uber “A” this season, but there will be some divisions between them.

Will the identity of “A.D.” shift, or do you and showrunner I. Marlene King know who that will be at the end of this season?

We do know who “A.D.” is and that will be unveiled sometime in the second half of the season. 

Will Mary and Elliott’s backstory be unveiled?

Yes. We will plumb the depths of what brought them to the place where we saw them at the end of last season: what their relationship was, how that related to Charlotte, how they met. All of that will be laid out, some in flashbacks and some in discoveries that the PLLs make throughout the course of the season. Our goal of season seven in general has been twofold. We will answer many questions from last season and all six seasons leading up to this, doing some flashbacks answering questions fans have had all along. And there’s a homecoming sense to see how many people from six seasons we can come up with a reason to visit with this season. 

Ali seemingly admitted to killing Charlotte. Do the girls think she’s the killer, or do they have a change of heart?

You saw them put the names in the hat. We know through most of the premiere that the general consensus seems to be that Ali is the killer of Charlotte. There are a lot of surprises between what we saw last night and the final exclamation of Charlotte’s death. Not that it wasn’t Alison, but there are a lot of other people it could be and a lot of story to tell between here and there. So nothing is set in stone right now. 

Will that be resolved in the first part of the season, 7A, or the second part of the season, 7B?

That will be B, as well.

Will the feelings between Emily and Ali come to light before Paige’s return?

I can’t talk about how the different relationships line up parallel to each other, but every relationship that a different person ships will have its day between now and the end of season seven. There will be great moments for any person who likes any relationship.

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