'Pretty Little Liars' Ian Harding on Ezra and Aria: There Will Be 'Emotional Fireworks'

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For Ezra, things are about to blow up in more ways than one on Pretty Little Liars.

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with actor Ian Harding to preview the "fireworks" that are about to come his way as the third season continues to unfold. One of the biggest secrets that will make its way to Ezra is the presence of a child that is allegedly his.

"Things are going to be pretty colorful," Harding teased. "It's going to be some interesting scenes. It's going to be some fireworks, some emotional fireworks."

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Because so much is going on in Ezra's life at the moment, there won't be much snooping or investigating the "A" of it all -- at least for now. "Ezra's so much in his own world, about his life now because it's going to change drastically. I think at this point I don't think he could give a shit about 'A' honestly," said Harding, who praised Troian Bellisario's upcoming arc ("[Spencer's] going to see the dark side").

With the presence of Ezra's child looming and Aria (Lucy Hale) continuing to keep it a secret, a rocky road is ahead for the couple.

"They're going to fight it out. They can either quit or they can fight it out, and that's what they're going to go for because Aria, for being a 17-year-old, is remarkably emotionally mature when it comes to dealing with heavy issues with the relationship," Harding said.

He added later: "The problems that they've had in previous seasons are going to pale in comparison to the basic life problems that they encounter in 3B and it's really, really going to test them."

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As for scenes to keep an eye out for, Harding shared one in particular that should be circled. "I really like the train scene with Ezra's son," he revealed. "There was a lot of fun with that, but what happens after that is what's great."

And with Byron (Chad Lowe) and Aria on the outs, there is some intriguing things coming up between Byron and Ezra. "There's a weird, sort of heart to heart that he and Ezra have," Harding said, who added that the former Rosewood High English teacher and Aria's father don't exactly have the rosiest of relationships.

Harding also spoke of the big Toby (Keegan Allen) reveal, saying it made the most sense that it would be Spencer's enigmatic boyfriend.

"I knew somebody was going to be it and Keegan made the most sense, and I really hoped it would be him," Harding said of the summer finale shocker. "At that point, he had just been the arm candy of Spencer, which is what he needed to be but now that he gets that sinister vibe, it'll be really good for him."

And perhaps expect some heated Toby and Ezra scenes to come. "Maybe. Possibly," Harding said coyly. "I would like that to happen, if Ezra were somehow to become knowledgeable about [Toby]. I would love to see that."

"I think we're going to see a whole new side of him just because of how we end this season. It sets up for a lot of possibilities for him. I think it's going to be 'no more Mr. Niceness,' " Harding pontificated for Ezra's future outlook.

Time will tell.

Pretty Little Liars airs 8 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC Family.

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