'Pretty Little Liars': Julian Morris on What's Next for Wren and Spencer

Pretty Little Liars Julian Morris - H 2013

Pretty Little Liars Julian Morris - H 2013

[Warning: Spoilers from Tuesday's episode, "Hot Water."]

Are Wren (Julian Morris) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) past friendship?

On Pretty Little Liars, the duo -- who went on the worst date ever in last week's episode -- made up for it with their first kiss in this past Tuesday's episode, "Hot Water." But their move proved to have a consequence, as Spencer was locked in her own sauna room as temperatures reached 125 degrees. Was it Toby's (Keegan Allen) doing?

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In the seventh installment of THR's weekly postmortem with Pretty Little Liars' cast and producers, Morris sheds light on what Wren and Spencer's kiss means for the future -- and how Toby factors in.

The Hollywood Reporter: Wren and Spencer fans had a lot to cheer about after this week's episode. 

Julian Morris: Finally! The kiss happened!

THR: How would you describe fan reaction?

Morris: The relationship between Wren and Spencer has been there since the beginning so it's been teetering toward this date and I know a lot of the fans wanted to see something happen, a kiss, and for it to go well. The response was overwhelming, it was massive. During the episode itself, which I was live-tweeting, it was incredible.

THR: It seems like Wren pops up right when things start to happen. 

Morris: He does, he's quite good at that isn't he? [Laughs.] First and foremost, in terms of his friendship and relationship with Spencer, he genuinely cares about her, certainly in the way I try to play him. At his core, there's a great love for Spencer and I think the fact that he pops up in times of trouble, sure it's good timing but he's also being a good friend and being a person who Spencer needs at that moment.

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THR: What's next for Wren and Spencer now that they're more than friends?

Morris: What I think will happen is different than what I know will happen. I can tell you what I would like to happen. I would love to see this storyline explored. I would love to see how Spencer and Wren get along given the chance. They do have a good chemistry together and I'd love for the writers to explore that. A lot is going to happen. In episode 23, we get to see a side of Wren that is quite cool.

THR: In what way?

Morris: Without giving away too much, certainly a side of Wren I've never had the opportunity to play. I can tell you it does involve Spencer. When I read the script for the penultimate episode, I was like, "Wicked!" It's fun and I should leave it at that.

THR: Was there a moment from the episode that you enjoyed filming or watching?

Morris: The date, for so many reasons. One, seeing Wren and Spencer on a date which I've been yearning for, I've been wanting to see that happen for them for a long time. And second, the whole process behind how we filmed it. When I got to set, I was like, "Hell, it's like the West Village in New York right now." Of course we were in Burbank on the Warner Bros. lot. The crew created this vibrant city with lights and restaurants, with an amazing background. It was also the first time I got to work with Chad Lowe, an awesome director. It was nice, particularly in the scene where we get to be joyous and happy and kick back and have fun.

THR: How will Toby play into this?

Morris: Toby is going to come into play no doubt, no doubt. Of course, come on!

THR: One of the final scenes featured Spencer locked in the triple-digit sauna. What was that like for you watching that?

Morris: Oh my gosh, that was so good! [Laughs.] I asked [executive producer] Marlene [King] if I could have a scene in that [room] because I just want to press those buttons. 

THR: Will you be back on Once Upon a Time?

Morris: I hope Phillip comes back. I loved being a part of it.

Watch a sneak peek from next week's episode:

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